Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 61

Parking Aids
Parking assistant
When the driver backs up, the parking assistant system indicates the distance between the car and a large obstacle behind it, by means of signal tones.

Parking Assistant Limits

Parking assistant cannot detect small objects such as children and pets.

Responsibility for parking and for assessing the risk to persons around the vehicle lies completely with the driver.

  • Make sure that no persons, especially small children, animals or obstacles are within the maneuvering area.
  • If the continuous tone sounds, stop and do not move your vehicle further in that direction.

The parking assistant system is activated automatically when reverse gear is selected and the ignition is on.

Be aware that the parking assistant system is not switched on if the car rolls backward without reverse gear being engaged.

Ultrasound sensors

Four ultrasound sensors in the rear bumper measure the distance to the closest obstacle.
– Range middle sensors around 60 in./150 cm
– Range outer sensors around 24 in./60 cm
Obstacles cannot be detected in the "blind" sensor area (e.g. near the ground).

The sensors must always be kept free of dirt, ice and snow in order to ensure that they are fully functional.

To avoid damaging the sensors:

  • Maintain sufficient distance when cleaning with steam-jet units.

Signal tones/function
When reverse gear is selected, the parking assistant confirms that it is switched on by issuing a short signal tone.

A detected obstacle is signalled by an intermittent tone. The intervals decrease as the obstacle is approached.

A continuous tone sounds when the distance becomes less than one foot. This continuous tone can stop if the obstacle is approached closer than one foot.

The radio volume should not be so loud as to drown out the signal tones.

Care Required Parking

Even when using Parking assistant, the driver is still responsible for taking due care when parking and when assessing obstacles.

A continuous tone sounds when there is a risk of collision.

  • Do not drive rearward any further once a continuous tone sounds.