Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 46

Rollover Protection System

The Rollover Protection System on the Cabriolet consists of two supplemental safety bars that together with the front windshield frame help to create occupant survival space in case of rollover.

Because of the extreme and unpredictable forces which can be encountered in a rollover, it is not possible to guarantee that occupants will be protected from all contact with exterior objects or the ground. However, the Rollover Protection System is designed to maintain the occupant survival space.

The Rollover Protection System is activated automatically in the event of an accident or extreme driving situation.

The protective devices are located behind each rear seat and rapidly deploy within a fraction of a second. If necessary, the seat-belt tensioners will be activated.

  • Please see the chapter "BELT TENSIONER" on page 33.

They can deploy under:
– Extreme tilting of the vehicle.
– Loss of ground contact (e.g. Going over the crest of a hill at high speed).

Manipulated or Restricted Roll-Over Protection System

A roll-over protection system that has been tampered with does not offer any protection.

It may not trigger or be triggered in an uncontrolled manner.

  • Do not block area of supplemental safety bars with objects.
    In the event of a deployment event, such objects could potentially prevent such deployment from occuring, or such objects could impact the car occupants at high speed.
  • Do not tamper with or work on wiring and or components of Rollover Protection System.
  • All work regarding this system must be carried out by your authorized Porsche dealer.

Risk of damage to the convertible top and roll-over bars when opening and closing the convertible top.

Extended roll-over bars interfere with the movement of the convertible top.

  • If the supplemental safety bars are extended for any reason, do not open or close convertible top.

Warning light

Faults in the Rollover Protection System are indicated by the airbag warning light in the instrument panel.

Extension of the supplemental safety bars is no longer ensured.

  • See your authorized Porsche dealer immediately and have the fault remedied.

Lowering the supplemental safety bars after deployment

  • Have this work performed by an authorized Porsche dealer.