Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 39

Risk of serious personal injury or death due to the passenger airbag triggering unintentionally.

When the ignition key is inserted and the up to oneyear old child is seated in the child restraint system on the passenger's seat, the indicator lamp "PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF" must be on.

If the "PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF" indicator lamp does not light up, it could indicate a fault in the system, and the air bag could inflate in a collision, placing the child at risk of death or severe injury from the inflating air bag.

In this case:

  • Child restraint systems facing forwards:
    Install on the rear seats.
  • Child restraint systems facing rearwards:
    On vehicles with key-operated airbag deactivation device: Switch to position OFF.
  • Child restraint systems facing rearwards:
    On vehicles without key-operated airbag deactivation device: Do not use a child restraint system in the front passenger's seat.
  • Have the fault remedied at your nearest authorized Porsche dealer.

The key switch for switching off the passenger's airbag in combination with the LATCH attachment bracket are not installed at the factory. They can be retrofitted.

  • Please see your authorized Porsche dealer.

Warning light and warning message
Faults are indicated by a warning light in the instrument panel and a message on the on-board computer.

  • Please see the chapter "WARNINGS ON THE INSTRUMENT PANEL AND THE ON-BOARD COMPUTER" on page 136.
  • In the following cases you should immediately consult an authorized Porsche dealer in order to assure the airbag system is functioning properly:
    – If the warning light does not light up when the ignition key is inserted or
    – If the warning light does not go out once the engine is running or
    – If the warning light appears while driving.

If you sell your Porsche, notify the purchaser that the vehicle is equipped with airbags, and refer them to the chapter, "Airbag Systems", in the Owner's Manual (safety and disposal rules).

Further information on the airbag system can be found on stickers attached to the sun visors. For special recommendations on the use of child restraints:

  • Please see the chapter "CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEMS" on page 41.

Key-operated airbag deactivation device
In case your vehicle is equipped with LATCH, you can switch off (OFF) the passenger's front airbag manually. In the automatic mode (AUTO), the airbag will be switched on or off automatically depending on the weight on the passenger seat.

  • Switch off the passenger's airbag on the key switch using the vehicle key.

Switch position AUTO – passenger's front airbag is active

Switch position OFF – passenger's front airbag is switched off