Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 229

Replacing the remote-control battery
The battery should be changed when the range of the radio remote control becomes smaller or when the light-emitting diode no longer flashes when the remote control is operated.

  1. Using your finger nail or a small screwdriver, carefully lift off the cover of the key grip (arrow).
  2. Replace the battery (paying attention to the polarity).
    Replacement battery – Lithium CR 2032, 3 volts.
  3. Replace the cover and press together firmly.
    Please observe the disposal instructions for batteries.


  • Please dispose batteries in compliance with any and all government regulations.

Emergency Starting with Jumper Cables
If the battery is discharged, e.g. in winter or after the car has been parked for a long time, the battery of another car can be used for starting with the help of jumper cables.

Make sure the voltage of both batteries is the same. Both batteries must be 12 volt types.

The capacity (Ampere hours, Ah) of the booster battery must not be substantially less than that of the discharged battery.

The discharged battery must be correctly connected to the vehicle's electrical system.

  • Please see the chapter "BATTERY" on page 225.
  • Please see the chapter "EMERGENCY UNLOCKING OF THE LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT LID" on page 224.


  • Do not try to start the car by pushing or towing. Damage to the catalytic converters and other components of the car may result.

Jumper Cable Hazards

  • Use only jumper cables of adequate diameter cross-section and fitted with completely insulated alligator clips.
  • Follow all warnings and instructions of the jumper cable manufacturer.
  • When connecting jumper cables, make sure that they cannot get caught in any moving parts in the engine compartment.
    The jumper cables must be long enough so that neither vehicles nor cables touch another.