Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 191

Crankcase ventilation
Through crankcase ventilation, undesirable emissions from the engine crankcase are not permitted to reach the outside atmosphere. These emissions are recirculated from the crankcase to the air intake system. From here the emissions mix with the intake air and are later burned in the engine.

Catalytic converters
The catalytic converters are efficient "clean-up" devices built into the exhaust system of the vehicle. The catalytic converters burn the undesirable pollutants in the exhaust gas before it is released into the atmosphere.

The exclusive use of unleaded fuel is critically important for the life of the catalytic converters. Therefore, only unleaded fuel must be used.

The catalytic converters will be damaged by:
– push or tow starting the vehicle
– misfiring of the engine
– turning off the ignition while the vehicle is moving or
– driving until the fuel tank is completely empty
– by other unusual operating conditions.

  • Do not continue to operate your vehicle under these conditions, since raw fuel might reach the catalytic converters. This could result in overheating of the converters. Federal law prohibits use of leaded fuel in this car.

Washer Fluid
Capacity: Approximately 6.3 quarts (6.0 liters).

Washer fluid
The reservoir, with a blue screw cap, is in the luggage compartment, to the rear left.

Clean water is generally not enough to clean the windshield and headlights. Depending on the season, mix the water with the appropriate additives. Follow the instructions for the mixture ratio.

Only use window cleaner concentrate which meets the following requirements.
– Dilutability 1:100
– Phosphate-free
– Suitable for plastic headlight lenses.

We recommend window cleaner concentrates approved by Porsche. Your authorized Porsche dealer will be pleased to advise you.

Summer filling

Water + window cleaner concentrate at the mixing ratio indicated on the container.

Winter filling
Water + antifreeze protection + window cleaner concentrate at the mixing ratio indicated on the container.

  • Please note all the information on the containers of the window cleaner concentrate or the antifreeze protection.

Topping off washer fluid

  1. Please note all the information on the refill container of the cleaning agent.
  2. Open cap of the washer-fluid reservoir (arrow).
  3. Top up washer fluid and close cap properly.
  • Do not use engine coolant anti-freeze or any other solution that can damage the car's paint, in the washer reservoir.

Warning light

If less than 0.53 quarts (0.5 liter) remains, a warning message appears on the on-board computer.

  • Add washer fluid.