Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 17

Malfunction of the remote control

The remote control may not function correctly due to local radio wave interference. The vehicle will then not lock properly.

This can be identified by the missing locking sound and the missing check-back signal of the emergency flasher.

If this should occur:

  • Lock the vehicle with the key in the door.

Emergency operation – opening

  • Unlock the driver's door with the key at the door lock.
    Open door within 20 seconds and insert the ignition key into the ignition lock within 10 seconds to prevent the alarm system from being triggered.

If the door is not opened within approx. 20 seconds, automatic relocking takes place.

The alarm system will be triggered by the next unlocking of the door:

  • Insert the ignition key into the ignition lock to switch off the alarm system.

Emergency operation – closing

  • Lock the driver's door with the key at the door lock.
    If there is a defect in the central locking system, all functioning elements of the central locking system will be locked.
    The alarm system is switched on.
    The passenger compartment monitoring system is switched off.

The fault should be remedied immediately at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Indication by emergency flasher and alarm horn
If the remote control is used for unlocking or locking, a response is provided by the emergency flasher:
– Unlocking – single flash.
– Locking – double flash.
– Locking twice – continuous illumination for approx. 2 seconds.
The passenger compartment monitoring is switched off.

Fault indication
A double horn signal during locking indicates a defect in the central locking or alarm system.

Have the defect remedied at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Overload protection
If the central locking system is operated more than ten times within a minute, further operation is blocked for 30 seconds.

Central locking button
The central locking button on the dashboard lets you lock and unlock both doors electrically.

If the doors are locked with the key or remote control, they can not be opened by pressing the central locking button.