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Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 168

Your authorized Porsche dealer will be glad to give advice about correct hardtop storage.

Since the convertible top stays open for a long time, it must be absolutely dry and clean before being opened to install the hardtop.

This prevents damp stains and abrasion damage.

  • Make sure that the hardtop is placed on a clean, soft surface.

Removing the hardtop

  1. Open all four side windows.
  2. Pull off plastic cover of the front hardtop lock (arrow).

  1. Press red locking button A of the front locking lever.
    Fully open locking lever B.

  1. Take unlocking handle D from the storage tray between the front seats.
  2. Position unlocking handle D on the dot marking.
    Carefully remove the plastic covers C on both sides of the hardtop.
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