Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 152


  • For a brief stop (e.g. at a traffic light), leave the selector lever in drive position and hold the vehicle with the brake pedal.
  • Do not hold the car on a slope using the accelerator. Use the brake pedal or the handbrake instead.
  • Before leaving the vehicle, always apply the handbrake and move the selector lever to position P.


  • Go easy on the accelerator!
  • When parking or manoeuvring in a small space, control the speed by careful use of the footbrake.

Driving in winter
In wintry road conditions it is advisable to take steep inclines in manual mode. This prevents gear changes occurring that could cause wheelspin.

Tow-starting, towing

  • Please see the chapter "TOWING" on page 242.

Reduced driving program
If there is a fault in the transmission
– Depending on priority, the warning "Transmission emergency run" in white or red lettering or the warning "Transmission
temperature too high" is displayed on the on-board computer.

Warning "Transmission emergency run" white
– Effects:
Restricted gearshift comfort,
Reverse gear may not function.
Have the fault repaired immediately at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Warning "Transmission emergency run" red
– Effect:
Vehicle can be driven only until it comes to a stop.
It is not possible to continue driving. Immediately stop the vehicle in a suitable place. Have the vehicle towed to an
authorized Porsche dealer.

Warning "Transmission temperature too high"
– Effects:
"Warning jerks" can be felt when driving off and the engine power may be restricted.
Do not hold the vehicle with the accelerator on a hill, for example. Hold the vehicle with the brake. Reduce engine load.
If possible, stop the vehicle in a suitable place. Allow the engine to run in selector lever position P or N until the
warning disappears.