Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 149

D - Automatic selection mode
Select position D for "normal" driving. The gears are shifted automatically according to the accelerator position and speed.

Depending on the way the vehicle is driven (economical, comfortable or sporty driving style) and on the resistance (e.g. uphill), the gearchanging points are shifted towards higher or lower engine-speed ranges.

The accelerator position, driving speed, engine speed, longitudinal and lateral acceleration and the road profile all have an influence on the gearchanging characteristic.

Unwanted upward shifts, e.g. before bends, are prevented by swiftly releasing the accelerator pedal.

Depending on lateral acceleration, upward changes on bends are not made until the enginespeed limit is reached.

Under braking, and depending on the amount of deceleration, the PDK transmission changes down earlier.

For subsequent cornering, the right gear is engaged when pressure is applied to the brakes before the bend. The bend is taken in the right gear, and when you accelerate out of the bend you do not have to change down.

With a sporty driving style, downshifts are already initiated when the brake pedal is touched lightly.

This further enhances a dynamic driving style.

The PDK transmission temporarily changes to the sportiest gear-changing map, i.e. to the highest possible gear-changing points, if the accelerator pedal is pressed quickly. The transmission accordingly shifts down immediately by one or two gears (temporary change-down).

7th gear is no longer engaged automatically at very high driving speeds, but can be selected manually as required.

Sport mode ("Sport" and "Sport Plus" modes)
"Sport" mode activated:
The PDK transmission switches to a sporty gearchanging map and shortens the gear shifting times.

A sporty driving style is recognised more quickly and the gear-changing speeds are adapted to driving performance.

Deceleration downshifts are commenced earlier.

Downshifts are already carried out in the case of slight decelerations, even at higher engine speeds.

"Sport Plus" mode activated:
In "Sport Plus" mode, the PDK transmission changes to a shift program designed for driving on race circuits. 7th gear is not selected.

The gear-changing performance is enhanced significantly again compared with "Sport" mode.

  • Please see the chapter "SPORT MODE" on page 54.

Driving with Launch Control
Driving with Launch Control allows you to achieve maximum acceleration from a standing start. It is intended to provide you with a unique enjoyment of your vehicle under controlled circumstances and is not intended to be used in any location where it could be a nuisance to other persons.

Endangering Other Road Users

Launch Control is designed to be used in a controlled environment on closed circuit driving courses where no vehicle cross traffic or pedestrian traffic is present.

  • Use Launch Control only if conditions permit it to be applied in a safe manner.
  • Do not use Launch Control if there is a possibility it could endanger other persons. Such a possibility exists if you cannot see that you have a clear road with no possibility of cross traffic in your intended direction of driving.

Stress on components increases dramatically when starting with maximum acceleration in comparison with normal driving off.

Use of Launch Control will inevitably reduce the life of the engaged engine and transmission components.