Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 134

Basic setting on on-board computer

Switching on selection field "D"

  • Push operating lever forward.

Changing the basic setting of the on-board computer

  • Select "SET" with the operating lever.
  • Push operating lever forward.
  • Select the desired function with the operating lever:

– Reset all,
Reset average consumption,
Reset average speed,
Reset trip counter

– Speedometer: km - km/h, miles - mph
– Consumption: l/100 km, mls/gal (USA), mpg (UK), km/l
– Temperature: °Celsius, °Fahrenheit
– Tire pressure: bar, psi

Display (Select central line of the on-board computer)
Change display
Audio information (set radio station)
Range on remaining fuel
Telephone Info
When Telephone information is active, incoming telephone calls are
displayed on the on-board computer.

– Integrated in the BC
(Navigation instructions can be recalled on the on-board
computer display)
– When turning off
(Navigation instructions are only shown before changing direction)

Basic setting
– Restore the basic setting of the on-board computer

– Select language version