Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 106

Engine Oil Pressure
The oil pressure is controlled as required and should be at least 3.5 bar at an engine speed of 5000 rpm.

The engine oil pressure varies depending on the engine speed, engine load and engine temperature.

If oil pressure drops abruptly and a message is displayed on the on-board computer when the engine is running on or when driving:

  • Stop immediately in a suitable place.
  • Switch off the engine.
  • Check whether there is an obvious oil leak on or under the car.
  • If no oil leak can be detected: With the engine idling, measure the oil level with the on-board computer.
  • Please see the chapter "OIL DISPLAY AND MEASUREMENT OF THE ENGINE OIL LEVEL" on page 132.
  • Please see the chapter "ENGINE OIL LEVEL" on page 182.
  • Add engine oil if necessary.

Risk of engine damage.

  • Do not continue driving if there is an obvious oil leak.
  • Do not continue driving if the warning lights come on even though oil level is correct.
  • Have the fault remedied at the nearest authorized Porsche dealer.


If the battery voltage drops abruptly, a warning message will be displayed by the on-board computer.

If the warning is displayed by the on-board computer while the engine is running or while driving:

  • Stop the car in a safe place and stop the engine.

Possible causes
– Defect in the battery charging system.
– Broken drive belt.

Broken Drive Belt

A broken drive belt means there is no power assistance to the steering (more effort is required to steer) and engine cooling fails.

  • Do not continue driving.
  • Have the fault remedied at the nearest authorized Porsche dealer.