Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 9

A - Left rotary knob
By pressing and holding the left rotary knob , you switch the device on or off.
By turning the left rotary knob , you change the following settings:
– volume of the active audio source,
– volume of a driving recommendation announcement,
– volume of a traffic announcement,
– volume of a voice control announcement,
– volume when in hands-free mode during a telephone call,
– ring volume of the telephone during an incoming call,
– cancellation of the mute function (turning the rotary knob to the right).

By briefly pressing the left rotary knob , you execute the following functions:
– cancel navigation and traffic announcements,
– reject an incoming telephone call,
– mute the device,
– switch the system on.

B - button
By pressing the button, you open a window where you can set the current audio source.
The window closes again:
– once you have selected an audio source,
– if a few seconds pass without any input from you

C - button
By pressing the button, you open a menu where you can make the sound settings for the PCM.

D - Main menu buttons
Under the display are the so-called main menu buttons. You use these buttons to call up the following main menus:
: radio main menu,
: disc main menu,
: phone main menu,
: information main menu,
: trip data display,
: navigation main menu,
: map display
You can switch from one main menu to another at any time.
If you return to a main menu, you return to the function you were using before you exited that menu. If you wish to return to the top level of a main menu, you must press the relevant main menu button twice.

E - Right rotary knob
Apart from the touchscreen, the right rotary knob is the central control. By turning the rotary knob , you highlight the desired menu item. By pressing , you select a highlighted menu item.