Manual: 2009-2011

Page: 173

A method of data recording for CDs or DVDs. Data is written to the disc in a number of sessions.

Unfinalized CD
To be able to play an audio CD, it must be "finalized" after burning. During this process, information about the contents of the CD is stored for reading out later by a drive. Without this information, the contents of the CD remain hidden or the CD cannot be detected.

PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile)
The PBAP makes the data from the phonebook available to the integrated hands-free unit so that the driver can retrieve and dial numbers in the phonebook using the devices available in the vehicle.

PTY (Program Type)
Classification of the FM radio stations by type, for example pop music, news, classical, jazz, etc.

Radio text
Radio text transmits additional information such as the name and artist of the track currently playing or contact details for the station.

RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System)
RBDS is a technique for the transmission of inaudible additional information in the FM waveband.
In addition to the widely used functions for program identification, traffic program, and alternative frequencies, RBDS also offers further options for additional information/ services (however these are rarely used by radio stations).

Regional code
A Video-DVD with a unique regional code can normally only be read by a DVD player that is also set to this regional code.
The market does, however, also offer "regional code free" players that play DVD-Videos from all regions.

SMS (Short Message Service)
SMS is a telecommunications system for the transmission of text messages that was initially developed for GSM mobile telephony and is now also available in the conventional telephone network.

Surround refers to the movement and placement of sound sources in a room using several loudspeakers (surround sound).

A touchscreen is a computer screen with areas that can be touched to control the program flow.

UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system)
UMTS is a standardized system for universal mobile telecommunications.
This standard will replace the old mobile communication via GSM, as it is applied in the D and E networks, with an enhanced range of services. UMTS will support powerful multimedia services in the multimedia field in particular thanks to its high transmission rates. In addition to voice and audio services, these include fast data, graphics, and text transmission as well as the transmission of pictures and video.

Vanity numbers
Vanity numbers are telephone numbers that can be represented as a word thanks to letter dialing. With a vanity number, each letter is assigned to a digit on the phone keypad. This allows a telephone number to be represented as a catchy word instead of a numerical sequence.