2009-2011 911 – Manual

2009-2011 911 – Manual

Page: 107

Check Engine (Emission Control)
Warning light

The emission control system detects malfunctions early that could, for example, cause increased pollutant emissions or consequential damage.

Faults are indicated by a continuously lit or flashing instrument panel warning light.

The faults are recorded in the control unit's fault memory.

The warning light in the instrument panel lights up when the ignition is switched on as a bulb check and goes out after the engine starts. If the warning light does not light up, have the bulb replaced promptly.

The warning light in the instrument panel flashes to indicate operating states (e.g. engine misfiring) which might cause damage to certain parts of the emission control system.

  • In this case, immediately reduce the engine load by easing off the accelerator.
  • In order to avoid consequential damage to the engine or emission control system (e.g. catalytic converter), have the fault diagnosed and rectified immediately at the nearest authorized Porsche dealer.

If the warning light in the instrument panel lights up permanently without flashing before and remains on while driving, it suggests:
– a potential engine control problem and the need for system service or
– an improperly fastened tank cap or
– the vehicle was refueled while the engine was running.

  • Stop immediately at a suitable and secure place and check tank cap for proper fastening. If tank cap was fastened correctly, see your authorized Porsche dealer for service as soon as possible.

If the check engine warning light in the instrument panel is flashing, serious catalytic converter damage and power loss will soon occur.

Prolonged driving with the check engine warning light on could cause damage to the emission control system. It also could affect fuel economy and driveability.

  • Have the fault remedied at the nearest authorized Porsche dealer immediately.

Central Warning Light

The central warning light on the instrument panel lights up if there are warning messages in the INFO menu.

The messages can be called in the on-board computer INFO menu:

  • Please see the chapter "INFO WARNING MESSAGES" on page 112.

Brake Warning Light USA
Brake Warning Light Canada

The warning light on the instrument panel lights up:
– if the handbrake is on,
– if the brake fluid level is low,
– if the brake pads have reached the wear limit,
– if the brake circuit division is defective.

Additionally, a warning is displayed by the on-board computer.

  • Please see the chapter "WARNINGS ON THE INSTRUMENT PANEL AND THE ON-BOARD COMPUTER" on page 136.
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