2009-2011 911 – Manual

2009-2011 911 – Manual

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5.1 (Surround Sound 5.1)
Surround Sound 5.1 refers to multi-channel sound systems with five main channels and a separate low-frequency effect channel. Unlike Dolby Surround Pro Logic and similar systems, with 5.1 all six channels are stored and played discretely, i.e. individually and fully.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
AAC is a file format for lossy storage of audio data. The format has primarily become known thanks to its use in a number of music services, particularly Apple's iTunesĀ®.

Stores the stations with the strongest reception signal at the present time in the respective preset memory in order of reception quality.

CD-Extra CD
A CD-Extra CD is a special multi-session CD containing exactly two sessions. The first session contains the "normal" audio data of the CD. The second session contains the computer data.

Dolby Digital (also ATSC A/52 and Dolby AC-3)
Dolby Digital is a multi-channel sound system from Dolby that is used in cinema, on laser discs, DVDs, and in television.

DTMF tones (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency)
DTMF tones are tones stored on the keypad that are transmitted by a telephone or mobile radio equipment in order to communicate with touch tone-activated telephone systems. DTMF is used in hotline systems, in mailbox systems, and in telephone banking, for example.

DTS refers to a multi-channel sound system from the Californian company of the same name (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.) that is used in cinemas as well as on laser discs, DVDs, special audio CDs, and D-VHS.

GPS (Global Positioning System)
GPS is a satellite-assisted position tracking system.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
The IMEI is a serial number that permits unique identification of the hardware in mobile radio equipment. Since different network providers can use this number to block a telephone in the event of misuse, it is a good idea to keep a record of it.
The IMEI can normally be displayed on a cell phone by keying in *#06#.

Meridian Lossless Packing (also Packed PCM or Dolby Lossless)
Meridian Lossless Packing is a lossless compression standard for digital sound recordings.

Mixed Mode CDV (also "Enhanced CD" )
A Mixed Mode CD is a CD containing tracks of different types (e.g. one data track and numerous audio tracks).

A generic term for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (a lossy compression method for audio data).

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